I’m Ken Douglas, a writer and photographer, who lives in the Biggest Little City in the World. If you need words writ or a picture took, I’m your guy.

I’ve written a dozen novels, though you can’t get seven of  them anymore. Well, you can find used copies on your favorite online bookselling site. However, five of them are still very much in print and if you read one, I hope you like it.

As for my photography, I work with the lovely Vesta Irene and we specialize in wedding and portrait photography and we shoot world wide, so if you’re getting married in Paris or Phuket, we’d be glad to photograph your wedding. Just give us a call, we have cameras and we travel. Oh yes, if you’d like to check out my photography, I would encourage you to click on the links on the right.

Ken Douglas

I believe every photograph is important, because making a photograph is like stopping time. Well, not for real, but I am recording a slice of it and preserving it. And that’s important work, so it’s important to do it well, with elegance.

Every human who comes before my camera is the most important person in the world for me at that time. No matter what’s going on in my life, pure joy or stark tragedy, it all vanishes when I see a face through the viewfinder. Even my writing, it’s gone and I’m living only to photograph that face in such a way to express the owner’s humanity.

And I’d like to add that I’ve photographed a lotta faces, hundreds, maybe thousands, I don’t know, an awful lot, and through all those faces I’ve discovered that every human on God’s blue Earth, has dignity and somehow, I don’t know how, they express it just before the shutter clicks. It’s like magic.

Death Glitch, by Ken Douglas

The photograph above is of my last book, DEATH GLITCH. As is my custom, I designed the cover, then went about writing a story to match. The result was a story about an aging heart surgeon who is murdered and wakes up in the morgue healthy and fifty years younger.

My other stories, the ones still in print, are more normal, you know, full of love and death and chases and tears and bleeding, but no supernatural stuff, like in DEATH GLITCH. It’s a strange story, but a fun read. I think so anyway. At least I had a good time writing it.

Jealousy, by Ken Douglas

Right now I’m working on a new series, starring Jealousy Strong, the girl with the green hair and the first one should be out sometime this summer. You can see the cover below. I don’t know why, but I always seem to design the cover first, then write to it.

Lastly, like with my photography, you can check out my novels and my other writing, by clicking on the links on the right. I hope you do and I hope you like what you see and read.

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